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Summer is back with Tiziano Ferro and Cornetto Algida

Summer is back with Tiziano Ferro and Cornetto Algida

The new Algida commercial is in tv rotation since May 4th and they have picked for it – out of our roster – Tiziano Ferro’s latest big hit, fore-destined to become the romantic musical accompaniment throughout the sunny season: Lento/Veloce.

The atmosphere of the new spot surrounds the characters in a sort of diverted cheerfulness, and propitiates, all of a sudden, the most casual, enticing yet typical summer encounters: fostering the birth of amused and intense, ephemeral and penetrating situations, describable only with adjectives joined in a vertiginous manner, yet able to establish a complicit alliance. 

And so the election of a song such as Lento/Veloce, that highlights this alchemical coincidentia oppositorum in the title itself, seems the most appropriate to the mood of the new spot, fully immersed in those precariously balanced situations between love and adventure, chance and destiny. The song is the third single extracted from his latest album Il mestiere della vita, released in December and in radio rotation since April 21st.

In an interview released to Rockol, that you can read here in italian, the singer-songwriter himself underlines the “bipolarity” of the song. And Emanuele Dabbono, who has set Tiziano’s words to music, thinks the very same thing and explains how the duplicity – so inherent to the song – not only does permeate the lyrics, but, in a deeper way, marks the compositional level:

“The refrain is very melodic, italian, while the verse is suited to be remixed. Canova, then, got it ‘bastardized’, making it more captivating, especially with those backing vocals. I know there are positive vibes even from abroad…”.

And (just not to miss anything!) the “duplicities” are not over, because another twosome is protagonist of the commercial: we are talking about the brand new Cornetti Veggy and Senza glutine (gluten-free), launched on marketplaced this year by Algida.

Here below you will find the regularly broadcast TV spot and the unabridged version that follows the three love stories chosen by Algida, warmly accompanied by Tiziano Ferro’s voice.