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Mario Venuti and the… Kaballistic formula of success

Mario Venuti and the… Kaballistic formula of success

Behind the new single by Mario Venuti, Caduto dalle stelle, in top10 airplay over italian radio stations and extraced by his latest album Motore di vita, lurks, once again, the name of Kaballà.

Again, because the artistic partnership with the sicilian singer-songwriter is stable and long-standing, never interrupted and spangled with success: the first one dates back to 2004, when they were co-authors of one of the major radio hits of the season, Crudele, premiered in Sanremo and winner of the Premio della Critica “Mia Marini” and the Premio Radio e Tv.

And the new song, four-handedly written with the author from Sugar’s roster, describes a new turning point in Mario Venuti’s career. The themes dealt in Il tramonto dell’Occidente are abandoned but, according to tradition, the artistic loyalty to Kaballà stands still: and they fall down together – from the sideral heights of the sociological and spenglerian reflexion reached in the previous album – towards the body, the movement, and the delicate empiria of the most elemental and earthly passions.

Mario Venuti puts it this way:

“In the beginning was not the verb, but the movement! The body guides the soul. Music is the cure. Through these assumptions we can follow a salvific path away from daily grief and sorrow. And dance, dance, dance… it is the metaphor of our life”.

The musical video is directed by Lorenzo Vignolo e and you can dance, dance, dance it here: