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Kaballà, the artisan of the World Music… in Sicily

Kaballà, the artisan of the World Music… in Sicily

Pippo Rinaldi, better known as Kaballà, a name taken from the namesake esoteric philosophy, is surely an eclectic author.

Kaballà was born singer-songwriter, and is considered among the artists that brought to Italy the “World Music”, that of Peter Gabriel, John Hassell, Paul Simon and many others. An ambitious project of which he is one of the main exponents in our country, along with Fabrizio De André. While the latter, with his masterpiece “Creuza de Ma”, had merged the Genoese with World Music, Kaballà did the same with the Sicilian dialect, blending it with the Italian language to almost create a brand new hybrid idiom.

Kaballà’s success comes from Sicily as well, with the “discovery” of Carmen Consoli and a decennial authoral relationship with Mario Venuti. But that’s not all: Kaballà has also composed a piece of music from the third chapter of “The Godfather” saga, the movie by Francis Ford Coppola which is set, in some of its parts, in Sicily.

In this interview, Pippo Rinaldi retraces this and many other steps of his carreer, telling us one uncommon story: did you know that he was introduced to Sanremo by Michail Gorbačëv?

Tailor Made Music – KABALLÀ

Kaballà – Pippo Rinaldi è senza dubbio un autore eclettico, che ha portato il sapore musicale della sua Sicilia in giro per il mondo, dagli album di Mario Venuti e Carmen Consoli fino alla colonna sonora di The Godfather.Ha scritto per artisti di ogni genere e nazionalità, da Eros Ramazzotti a Josh Groban, passando per gli adattamenti per Placido Domingo delle poesie di San Giovanni Paolo II.In questa intervista ci racconta anche di quella volta che Michail Gorbačëv lo ha invitato sul palco del Festival di Sanremo…

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