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Giovanni Caccamo, among “Satellites” to remember his dad

Giovanni Caccamo, among “Satellites” to remember his dad

For this episode of #FocusOn, the format about the “Behind the scenes” and the creative process of our authors’ and producers’ hits, Giovanni Caccamo has decided to open up himself in a really intimate way.

He’s chosen a very personal song, “Satelliti Nell’Aria”.

It’s a song written many miles away from home, in Paris. That’s where Giovanni realized he hadn’t thought that it was the anniversay of the loss of his father, and he was away. So he decided to immediately return to Italy: it’s in his bed, on the train, that magic happened. Ironically, thanks to the distance, Giovanni managed to go closer to his dad, and to write a song that he surely wouldn’t have written in other conditions.

Music, for Giovanni Caccamo, has always been some sort of “invisible dialogue” with his father, making him overcome pain and difficulties. But this very song has hit someone else, another “father”, this time artistic, of Giovanni, that has chosen “Satelliti Nell’Aria” for a duet: it’s Franco Battiato.

The interview ends with an acoustic piano version of the song, really emotional.

FOCUS ON | Giovanni Caccamo – Satelliti Nell'Aria

"Satelliti Nell'Aria" è la canzone di cui Giovanni Caccamo ha deciso di parlarci in questa puntata di #FocusOn.Dall'anniversario della perdita del padre alle parole nate nella cuccetta di un treno, la musica di Giovanni è ancora una volta un viaggio nell'anima.

Posted by Sugarmusic Publishing on Monday, 14 May 2018