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The new spot of FIAT 500 Anniversario is a little masterpiece

The new spot of FIAT 500 Anniversario is a little masterpiece

It was 1957 when in Italy, took over by a feverish enthusiasm, were born two timeless symbols: a car, the Fiat 500, and a song, Come prima, più di prima.

Today, they celebrate their 60th anniversary together in a spot broadcast by the Italian television, titled See you in the futurei It premiered on July 4, in front of about 11 million viewers. Now it is  also available on YouTube – where it counts more than 3 million views already – in a 4-minute extended version and also on FIAT’s website.

The spot takes place in a hot Milanese day from sixty years ago, more summery than springy; a lovely gentleman of yesteryear, interpreted by Oscar-winner actor Adrien Brody, hangs around in his apartment looking for some leisure activities. Already visibly worn out by a work day, but still not exhausted, he dedicates himself to the recreation of the mind and senses, choosing two timeless classics: one, already consacreated by history, Shakespeare; the other, just published, but definitely not doomed to oblivion: Come prima, più di prima. But the warmth of the day, the caressing voice of Mario Lanza played by the turntable, and the oneiric atmosphere of A Midsummer’s Night Dream conspire against him: making him fall asleep for a nap.

When he wakes up, maybe because of a not recovered control over his faculties, stepping out of his bulding he finds himselft in a different Milan. Ferociously modern, yet strangely familiar.

New to him are the uproar, the aggressive hubbub of engines and horns and the frenzy of a today’s Milanese work day. But some peripheral and quiet details softly evoke a familiar resemblance… and the tender music coming from an old junkyard’s turntable throws him back in time. Or better, in a timeless space, the space of the classics.

And while the complicity of these elements cause him a temporal dizziness, a wonderful girl, well-dressed in the 1950s fashion and interpreted by Anna Manuelli, makes her appearence. A strange longing of love, evanescent and mild, captures them. And the voice of the coroner Mario Lanza, with fondness and irony, accompanies them abord their brand new Fiat 500 Anniversario – the very protagonist of the short movie – for their Milanese adventure.

At the end of the yearning, mindful of the verge of a kiss and a ludic but fragile love, a new vertigo hits the gentleman. Is it just a dream? Or is it reality? The hamletic question remains unanswered, a question mark floating on a dreamed yet real Milan, motorized and musical, of today and yesterday. But the classics stand out against the rapid substitution of cultural objects and fashions: Fiat 500 and our music celebrate – the Duomo as Master of Ceremonies – their eternal 60 years. Happy birthday to Fiat!