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Coca-Cola, Sugar Music and Tony Dallara together against homophobia

Coca-Cola, Sugar Music and Tony Dallara together against homophobia

The new partnership between Coca-Cola and Sugarmusic is born in the name of cultural consciousness and ironic dissimulation. Coca-Cola picked from the catalogue of our label – and it is no coincidence – Tony Dallara’s everlasting hit, Come prima, più di prima, in the role of tender musical commentary for the brand new spot.

Born from our collaboration and part of the “Taste the feeling” campaign –  where Coca-Cola, aware of the importance of connecting a nucleus of values to his name, partakes in today’s cultural climate – the spot is propagator of a crucial and worldwide message: quench your thirst against any kind of discrimination. Now and more than ever: a message to reiterate, in apparently pacific times, but still calamitous in depth.

In the video, titled Pool guy, two siblings engage themselves in a crazy and unfair race – with no holds barred and not economizing on trips, pushes and jabs – to offer a Coca-Cola, in the cordial and ironic atmosphere of an upper-class family house of the 50s, to the attractive pool guy, worn out by the hard work with cleaning. But, under the burning hot sun of an exhausting day, both the rivals arrive too late to the finish line, defeated by the unfair intrusion of an unexpected character.

And in the middle of this domestic turmoil, the voice of Tony Dallara, a coroner from better days, but timeless like every classic, is the warm and entertained accompaniment to a message of equality that permeates, with no sickening emphasis, the entire spot. And  through the oblique elegance of the understatement, it manages to communicate a compelling message, getting away from the arrogance of declarations and the unpleasantness of directly conveyed statements.

And that is why, according to Rodolfo Echeverria, VP-global creative markete, «this story works on several levels, one of which refers to the themes of diversity and inclusivity». And, with regards to the allusive importance of the understatement, he and his team are handling these important messages inside the spots «not as the main object of the campaing, but as cultural subtext».