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“Brucia La Terra”: when Kaballà went to Hollywood

“Brucia La Terra”: when Kaballà went to Hollywood

Our Pippo Rinaldi has contributed to the history of cinema: we’re talking about the third chapter of the cult saga of The Godfather. But how?

Kaballà started his carreer as a singer-songwriter, trying to bring to Italy the World Music. With the fusion of Italian and Sicilian dialect. And he manages to do so, with his album “Petra Lavica”.

One of the songs of his albums gets presented in Cinecittà among the candidates to become part of a potential soundtrack. But The Godfather producers smell our author’s talent and they ask him to write a dialectal version over the most famous theme in the history of cinema, The Godfather’s main theme.

Following, is a night that Kaballà may hardly forget.

In his memories, there are also the movie’s ending titles, with his “young” name among those of some of the greatest in history. And, speaking of “cinema”, something he’s proud of is the inclusion of his song in the album by Andrea Bocelli called “Cinema”, where our artist sings some of the most famous songs in movies’ history.

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Il nostro autore Kaballà – Pippo Rinaldi ha contribuito a fare la storia del cinema, firmando la versione in siciliano del tema di The Godfather, intitolata "Brucia La Terra" e interpretata, tra gli altri, anche da Andrea Bocelli. In questa intervista ci racconta la tormentata e romantica genesi di questo capolavoro.

Posted by Sugarmusic Publishing on Thursday, 19 April 2018